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With a think “outside-the-box” marketing philosophy, Spry Squared’s versatility, creativity and ability to identify and relate to targeted audiences is able to create and execute highly successful strategic marketing programs.

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From storage architecture, strategies and management to technology architecture, assessments and resources—no matter what the IT challenge—Spry Squared, Inc. has the IT expertise to identify any type of business IT challenge and provide the best solutions.

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Spry Squared can provide our clients with the best consultants for their needs, whether it’s a short term project or long-term Residency basis, or an On-Demand basis (bucket of hours),

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In The News

Spry Squared, Inc. is pleased to announce today its official launch as a multi-dimensional Marketing and Technology Consulting firm.

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Why Spry Squared, Inc?

spry \’spri \ adjective
1. active; nimble; agile; energetic; brisk
2. marketing and technology consultants that are spry

Spry Squared, Inc. is where Marketing and Information Technology collide! Spry Squared is a multi-dimensional Marketing and IT Consulting firm founded in 1995 by Linda Tousley Spry and co-founder Steve Spry, an Australian native. Spry Squared (formally Special Effects Design and Marketing) is a Marketing / Creative company with an IT twist.

Information Technology and Marketing is truly changing at the speed of light and you need a quick and nimble company to keep pace with these advances. At Spry Squared, Inc., we are the very definition of quick and nimble. Our managing partners have years of industry experience so that we understand and identify industry standards, innovations and trends that are essential to the success of your business. We’ll find the right consultant for your needs

There are definitely areas when having experts in both fields can offer an enormous benefit to your company. Need an example? You may have an eCommerce site where not only are you selling a product or service, but you need to collect data associated with those purchases. You may need secure big data storage protection and analysis, or help-desk support. Spry Squared, Inc. is your one-stop shop for these scenarios. But what if you don’t need those services? Spry Squared is still a smart pick for all of your Marketing or IT needs. With experts in both disciplines, Spry Squared will help you identify your challenges and provide a solution.